An Ecommerce platform helps set up your online store without coding skills, a large budget, or a web design qualification. They come with ecommerce-specific templates and features that allow a company to make considerable profits in the long run. Choosing the right ecommerce platform for you is the first step to start a profitable online store. That’s why this article will reveal the top six ecommerce platforms available.

With too many ecommerce sites, it’s easy to get overwhelmed – particularly when they all claim to be the best. Don’t spend your time or money on an ecommerce website that isn’t up to the mark. So, go ahead and read on to learn about the top ecommerce website platforms for you to consider.


Wix is a highly beginner-friendly ecommerce tool, and it is the best choice on an overall basis. If you are looking for an ecommerce builder with the essential features, Wix could be the best choice. In this way, you don’t have to give up the creative power over the brand and storefront design.

This platform could be perfect for creating a well-rounded online store by combining intuitive editing capabilities with ecommerce features. Wix ecommerce allows you to create your ecommerce website using the same simple and intuitive drag-and-drop editor as you use in those advertisements.

Wix has become quite popular over the past few years. It offers a great drag and drop feature for creating small websites. You will find hundreds of free templates on this platform and provide its domain and web hosting. This ecommerce platform offers impressive layouts which are optimized for several apps and mobile devices.


This is the best choice for the large stores which sells a vast range of products. Shopify is the ecommerce site that allows you to create an online as well as offline shop. Just like the bloggers use Word Press, similarly, the store managers use Shopify.

It enables you to sell both offline and online using Shopify POS and your website. From beginners to ecommerce veterans, this ecommerce website designer has enough for everybody. Shopify provides you with everything you need to launch an ecommerce company. Both beginners and ecommerce experts can use its features.

You’ll need to set up a storefront, display merchandise, interact with consumers, and receive payments when you want start selling online. Shopify has all of the tools you’ll need to stay on top of all of these responsibilities. Consider Shopify’s website as a facilitator that streamlines the process of selling goods online.


Weebly Ecommerce is designed for small and medium-sized online businesses to improve their marketing campaign. There is no need for complex configuration or repairs. As a result, it’s ideal for newcomers and users who don’t want to get into the complicated technical jargon. It is super easy to use and offers simple pricing as well.

This ecommerce platform is one of the most extensive website builders. It is more interested in making improvements to its technology. Since the online store is included with all Weebly bundles of ads, you can build an online store for free! But don’t get all worked up. You must buy a package if you wish to remove the advertisements and use your domain name.


GoDaddy is for people who want to set up an ecommerce shop easily and don’t mind using a simplified platform. It is the quickest and most straightforward way to set up an online shop. It serves more markets than its rivals.

This ecommerce platform uses ADI to build online stores in a flash. This is a convenient and fast solution. It also caters to many sectors, making it a viable choice for almost any ecommerce project. GoDaddy ecommerce offers a versatile platform for launching an online shop. This software is examined in depth in the Blueprint to see if it is the right e-commerce tool for a small business.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce is thought to have made more progress than other networks in developing its features. It is a trusted platform, and you do not need to focus on its maintenance much. This allows you to focus on improving your online store.

This profitable ecommerce platform enables company owners to create an online shop and sell their wares online. Big Commerce is ‘hosted,’ which ensures it runs on its servers. It does not require you to use web hosting or install anything on your computer to access it. You can create and run your shop anywhere as long as you have access to a web browser and the internet.


Volusion is another hosted ecommerce solution that allows you to build a completely functioning online shop. This simple website creator includes features including in-page editing, drag and drop, site search, and more. There are several responsive themes to pick from as well.

Product management features such as variant pricing and rich text product pages are included in the solution. Volusion’s payment integrations and native delivery capabilities make selling and fulfilling orders easy. Volusion’s built-in SEO, social media selling, and platform integrations (such as Amazon, eBay, and others) will help you get the site in front of more users.

Wix is the best overall choice because it is very user-friendly and has outstanding ecommerce features. For larger retailers that offer a variety of items, Shopify is a perfect choice. Weebly is one of two sides of an easy-to-use coin, whereas Big Commerce is ideal for fast-growing shops. Volusion and GoDaddy are simple, but they have a lot of advantages for the right business.